April 2009 Simplicity Circle Newsletter

Simple Life

Tips For You To Simplify….

Getting your taxes done, and don’t know where to begin?

Here is a great source to prepare your information from Richmond NAPO Newsletter, “The Joys of Stress-Free Tax Prepartion”.

I have personally worked with Cathy LeHew. She is the only Professional Organizer I know of who is trained by one the top Paper Organizers in the country, Babara Hemphill.

Click on this link and get started! http://www.naporichmond.com/archive.htm

A Trend Setter…

Founded in October 2006 as the nation’s first “competitive social venture,” Impactmakers is an information technology … Continue Reading

March 2009 Simplicity Circle Newsletter

“A Simple Meal”
Simple Life

When I was raising my children and working a full time job, there was just no time to prepare what I thought was a healthy meal! Just no time! I was like a woman on a mission between the hours of 5pm-7pm, getting home, talking to my kids, picking up, dropping off, coordinating, meetings, errands, preparation, activities, etc…Looking back, I honestly do not know how I got things done until I quit and started a part time job. On top of that, every year come February I would run out … Continue Reading

February 09 Simplicity Circle Newsletter

Simple Life
……….At our last Simplicity Circle, 4 of us attended, and things got kicked up a notch… We had an incredible discussion and eye opener on our lives! We realized how much we were not living the life we valued. We became aware of our part we played inhibiting our dreams and our responsibility. It takes commitment and balance to create the simple life of our own definition.

Here are some of the questions we came to:

What is missing in my life?

What do I value?

Get specific about what I value.

Am … Continue Reading

January 09 Simplicity Circle Newsletter

Start the New Year by having a Simple Living Home Party. It’s easy…invite some good friends…make it a Pot Luck Dinner…instead of buying a product, you buy valuable information, cost is $10 a person…Hostess gets this for Free…Good Friends, Delicious Food, Practical Simplicity…Can you see the possibilities?!

What are you doing Today…right now… to create Simplicity in your home and your life?

Get INSPIRED Now….This is a Great Time To Begin A Simple Life!

Here are some wonderful resources for you to start creating a Simplicity:

This is my favorite website on information of all kinds about … Continue Reading

December 08 Simplicity Circle Newsletter

**December Simplicity Circle (was) cancelled due to the Holidays and my desire for Simplicity!
Simple Life

    An Invitation:

Choose just one area on your “To Do List” for your Holiday preparation and simplify or eliminate it all together! Every year I downsize my list. I am just about down to very little preparation. I do not enjoy alot of the preparation, but I do enjoy some of the Holiday Hoopla. I mostly like the small change of pace, seeing friends and family and eating good food.

Start by making a list of all the things … Continue Reading

November 08 Simplicity Circle Newsletter

I am no longer offering the noon Simplicity Circles (held at the Herb Closet). I will only be continuing the evening Simplicity Circle meetings, held at 7pm.

With this in mind, our next Simplicity Circle meets Wednesday, November 5, 7pm-8pm, Panera Bread, 11649 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23113, 804-897-7222

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: This month we are meeting on Wednesday due to the tuesday election. We will go back to the regular 1st Tuesday of the month in December.

Simple Life

I need your feedback, Who is interested in the Simplicity Circles?
I am … Continue Reading

October 08 Simplicity Circle Newsletter

“Divine Flow”
(A Success Story from a Client)

Picture this scene: Christine Lynn and I sitting amongst, and sorting, a great circle of baskets we had brought from the inner recesses of my closet. I sit quietly observing, memories flashing through my mind’s eye, gestures of those now gone, passed from our mortal walk, seeing a smile here, a proud gift to me there, a soft embrace, a loved one wearing that sweater lying in the basket right beside me. And all the while time has stopped.

Simple Life

I felt my emotions playing tug of war, the other part of … Continue Reading

September 08 Simplicity Circle Newsletter

Hi Everyone!

Our next Simplicity Circle Meets on Tuesday September 2, at the following locations:

12pm-1pm, The Herb Closet, 6520 Iron Bridge Rd, Richmond, VA 23234, 804-377-1690
7pm-8pm, Panera Bread, 11649 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23113, 804-897-7222

Free…Informal…Friendly…Informative… Inspiring!

Simple Life


I have invited a special guest speaker to come to both of our Simplicity Circles. Terri Sammons and her husband, Bill voluntarily simplified their life and downsized from a 3200 sq ft house to a 1400 sq ft … Continue Reading

August 08 Simplicity Circle Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

Our next Simplicity Circle Meets on Tuesday, August 5, at the following locations:

12pm-1pm, The Herb Closet, 6520 Iron Bridge Rd, Richmond, VA 23234, 804-377-1690

7pm-8pm, Panera Bread, 11649 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23113, 804-897-7222

Free, informal, friendly and informative!

Due to the Lazy Days of Summer, I am sharing this message
in honor of a great Comedian,

A Message by George Carlin:

The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider Freeways , but narrower viewpoints We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have … Continue Reading

Welcome to My New Blog

Can you believe it!! I’m “movin’ up in the world”, and part of the process (I am told) is that I gotta have a blog. Well, ok. For starters this will be a place to “keep” all the monthly Simplicity Circle Newsletters I’ve written. Gary says we’ll expand this as we go (and include future categories like “articles”, “simplicity thoughts”, etc…) but for now…this is a good start: Want to see JUST the past newsletters? Then click on the Simplicity Newsletter category and ONLY those will show up. Isn’t technology just something…

So enjoy for now. … Continue Reading