Welcome to My New Blog

Can you believe it!! I’m “movin’ up in the world”, and part of the process (I am told) is that I gotta have a blog. Well, ok. For starters this will be a place to “keep” all the monthly Simplicity Circle Newsletters I’ve written. Gary says we’ll expand this as we go (and include future categories like “articles”, “simplicity thoughts”, etc…) but for now…this is a good start: Want to see JUST the past newsletters? Then click on the Simplicity Newsletter category and ONLY those will show up. Isn’t technology just something…

So enjoy for now. I look forward to seeing ya’ll at the next Simplicity Circle Meeting!

Christine Lynn
Simple Living LLC

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  1. testuser said:

    Jul 02, 08 at 1:00 am

    Hey this IS cool. And folks who are NEW to the blog can “register” with the blog – they can then make comments. Give it a try!

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