October 08 Simplicity Circle Newsletter

“Divine Flow”
(A Success Story from a Client)

Picture this scene: Christine Lynn and I sitting amongst, and sorting, a great circle of baskets we had brought from the inner recesses of my closet. I sit quietly observing, memories flashing through my mind’s eye, gestures of those now gone, passed from our mortal walk, seeing a smile here, a proud gift to me there, a soft embrace, a loved one wearing that sweater lying in the basket right beside me. And all the while time has stopped.

Simple Life

I felt my emotions playing tug of war, the other part of me admonishing myself about allowing clutter to accumulate to this degree over the years.

While preaching rather aggressively to the choir (that being myself in this case), I suddenly became aware that all of my clinging, all of my neatly tucking away things into tidy little coves behind a closed door, was because these things were cherished, these things ARE familiar.

Familiar – think of this word in it’s every facet, and really allow yourself to sit with it.

I have gone through so many mental stages since this reality enlightened me. All the way from yes, yes, familiar, to the anguish, angst and acceptance that I cannot travel the rest of this lifetime with all these items if I am to live in an environment of order, inspiration, simplicity and most important serenity. It simply is not a pathway that is congruent to being whole and aligned.
It got me thinking for sure, to stop berating myself and to discontinue feeling that I am entrenched in chaos.

The chaos has been an inward juggling act, me finally recognizing that for some of us, the holding on, those inner recesses quieted down by holding on to all that is familiar, especially if you happen to be under going some sort of crisis, the familiarity is for me nearly tranquilizing but in a soothing way, to the most vital parts of myself.

I will compare it to how a teddy bear makes a child feel secure and loved in return when they have to be alone. Well I will admit to my own chagrin, that it gives One a lop sided sense of balance; but, some balance is a whole lot better than to feel that you are undoubtedly going down with the ship.

So where am I going with this? Well, for those who can relate, I say thank God! Laugh out loud!
I would love to send out a gentle embrace, and an invitation of consolation, encouragement, and support, and assure you that you are not some lazy cad that sits around eating truffles with your thumbs tucked under your bottoms consumed with fancies that do not matter.

Above all, when you are sitting with yourself and you are earnestly trying to seek to gain mastery over what ever has been mastering you, start with Grace. Grace for yourself, the grace that you are so willing to give away freely to others you care for. Start with Grace, and go from there.

As for me I add in prayer and softly lit scented candles, maybe some aromatic oils to soothe both me and my home. I am thinking in terms of Haven these days in place of mayhem.

And, I am going to suggest to anyone interested to start an album. While I release what is now not being used, I will have a cherished photo album, and send my packed away things back into the world to find love, a continuation of their mission and a Spirit of Gratefulness of all they have meant to me.

Anyway you feel directed to be a part, there is magic in our lives in prayer, contribution, sharing and recycling, and in that magic we both find, give, and receive Love and isn’t that all a part of being in Divine flow?

Written With Love, Gratitude and appreciation for Christine Lynn’s devoted Coaching and work with me.
Carmen Wright
“The Steamyphilospher”

Carmen Wright is a Spiritual Development Writer, currently featured in Synchronicity In Your Life Magazine. Carmen known as The Steamyphilospher, has been an Empath, Counselor,Teacher and Laureate Poet for most of her life, working and writing for Spirituality, inspiration and enrichment. Free subscriptions can be accessed at SynchronicityInYourLife.com

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Want to Simplify your Life? Hang out with people who Live Simply…who are organized or have recently downsized. This is the best inspiration I know of. I get my best bursts of energy when I am around others getting things done, organizing, and simplifying.

Want to get organized? …and do not have the time? Create the time…put on your calendar and think of it as precious….Time is better than Money… You can never get it back, you can always get back the money.

Here is a wonderful lecture on Time Management by Randy Pausch (who did The Last Lecture)

I hope you find this video lecture as inspiring as I have.

But what I really want to say here is… if you can’t do alot at one time, do at least one thing a day towards your goal… EVERY DAY Do Something no matter how small towards your vision of simplicity.

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