December 08 Simplicity Circle Newsletter

**December Simplicity Circle (was) cancelled due to the Holidays and my desire for Simplicity!
Simple Life

    An Invitation:

Choose just one area on your “To Do List” for your Holiday preparation and simplify or eliminate it all together! Every year I downsize my list. I am just about down to very little preparation. I do not enjoy alot of the preparation, but I do enjoy some of the Holiday Hoopla. I mostly like the small change of pace, seeing friends and family and eating good food.

Start by making a list of all the things you Think you need to do this season, (Send Cards, Gift Giving, Decorations, Recipes for Holiday Dinner, etc) and pick an area you do not enjoy or decide to make a change.

Start there…you may want to downsize your decorations, or consider giving one gift to charity in honor of your family, ( I know real people who do this!). Consider giving your services instead of a store bought gift, such as raking leaves. Just change one area and next year change another area.

*Please email me, if you like, of how you are choosing to simplify your Holiday Celebration this year.

I highly recommend the book Unplug the Christmas Machine, A Complete Guide to Putting Love and Joy Back Into The Season, by Jo Robinson and Jean Coppock Staeheli

3 Resources Just For You:

My Website:

The Simple Living Network:

Richmond Chapter -National Association of Professional Organizers:

I am keeping this newsletter short and sweet…SIMPLE!

Enjoy Your Holiday,

Christine Lynn

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