February 09 Simplicity Circle Newsletter

Simple Life

……….At our last Simplicity Circle, 4 of us attended, and things got kicked up a notch… We had an incredible discussion and eye opener on our lives! We realized how much we were not living the life we valued. We became aware of our part we played inhibiting our dreams and our responsibility. It takes commitment and balance to create the simple life of our own definition.

Here are some of the questions we came to:

What is missing in my life?

What do I value?

Get specific about what I value.

Am I on board with what I value, 100% committed to my vision of simplicity in my home and life?

What do I know I need to do that I am not doing?

As the weeks went on I became aware I did not have a clear vision of my life’s work. My lack of commitment of my vision created my experience of not quite making this business what I thought I had wanted.

Later, I scanned my mind for my vision and saw clearly what I have always dreamed about but did not take myself so seriously….could this really be lived in my world? I received some insights while driving in the car on the way to work. I am now about to finish taking time to allow this dream to percolate in my imagination and send it to my reality!

We discovered at the meeting this same lack of commitment to simplify our lives, such as clutter in our homes and too much to do in our personal lives.

Ask yourselves these questions with the brutal honesty we shared last month and join us with your insights at the next Simplicity Circle for more heart centered answers, insights and inspiration.

Are you living your definition of a Simple Life?

Christine Lynn

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