April 2009 Simplicity Circle Newsletter

Simple Life

Tips For You To Simplify….

Getting your taxes done, and don’t know where to begin?

Here is a great source to prepare your information from Richmond NAPO Newsletter, “The Joys of Stress-Free Tax Prepartion”.

I have personally worked with Cathy LeHew. She is the only Professional Organizer I know of who is trained by one the top Paper Organizers in the country, Babara Hemphill.

Click on this link and get started! http://www.naporichmond.com/archive.htm

A Trend Setter…

Founded in October 2006 as the nation’s first “competitive social venture,” Impactmakers is an information technology and consulting firm that donates all of its profits to charitable community partners in the Richmond area.


Comments I Have Received…..

“I still think of you each time I look at my bookshelves. ” IJ

“Thank you for your inspirational words of advice each time you came to help me organize. I have really been able in the last months to make some of my visions a reality. However, organizing takes so much time in a life that is currently very short on time, so I haven’t been spending any time on it. I was reading something just last week though that made me think about it another way – clearing out your space is a way to invite in new experiences, and that is definitely what we are about. I realized that I was spending too much time arguing with myself – knowing that I wanted a cleaner, clearer space, but feeling like that was some kind of over-emphasis on WHERE I was living instead of on the LIVING itself. Reading this little Feng Shui book really helped me to understand that spending the time to clear out my space was preparing me to bring in exactly what I want into my life – new experiences!”

“Thank you so much for what you do.” -S.

Simple Life

Simple Life

Simple Life

Another Woman Said…

“Yes, I have drastically simplified my life. I don’t “multitask” anymore and I meditate daily. I live a very simple and quiet lifestyle with my two cats. I feel blessed to enjoy peace most of the time. I have managed to eliminate several stressors (responsibilities) I have carried for several years and it is good to let go! Ultimately, we have to let go of everything and everyone so simplifying one’s life is good preparation for that final letting to. I’m still cleaning out the clutter but making good progress, one day at a time.”
This Came From an Advanced Practitioner of Simplicity…

“Christine, I found this quote three whole days ago and I need to toss (recycle) this piece of paper. (My heavy burden). It made me think of you!

“Our life is frettered away by detail. Simplify . . . simplify!” — Henry David Thoreau

You would be so proud of me, my paper piles (boxes of papers to be exact) are getting smaller. And I think my ratio is 4:1, I’m only keeping about a fourth of what I had and the next step is to file those I’m keeping (as my eyes get large) – way out of my comfort zone!”

Oprah had a show this month about Simplicity. This stuff is catching!

So….What’s Your Pledge to Simplify Your Life?

Take a breath, relax and simplify…

Christine Lynn

Simple Living LLC

“Gently Showing Others Another Way”

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